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Horror Con Spring 2019

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Horror Con Spring 2019

This past weekend I attended NJ HORROR CON at the Showboat in Atlantic City, NJ. Atlantic City is my second home. I’ve been working there for years and I was excited to attend this event for a second time. The venue used to be a gaming casino but now it is just an open floor space. Patrons can walk around freely to visit each vendor or celebrity photo opp without being shuffled around like cattle. 

The celebrities were stationed at the front of the venue this time and the vendors towards the back or boardwalk side. There were several film makers tables including The Theater of Terror with Thomas Ryan. He was entertaining the crowd with a glimpse of the movie playing in the background and also answering any questions fans might have about the movie. It is important to support independent film makers because you are supporting someone’s dream that they worked very hard on. 

Elsie was also there with her Killer Pillows. As a team leader for the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer organization it is so important to me to support anyone who is battling this horrible disease. Every time you buy a pillow it helps with her chemo bills. I urge everyone to please take a minute and stop by her table at the next event and buy a pillow. 

Alton Simpson was there featuring his comic books, tee shirts and pipe cleaner super heroes. His comic was recently picked up by Kevin Smith’s comic book store. My interview with Alton is up on the site, check it out.

Dead Edd stopped by the table wearing my shirt from my website. He dropped off his Rest in Pieces cheesecake for me to try. I made a short snap chat story about how amazing the cheesecake was. You can see that on my insta and Facebook page. Thank you Dead Edd you are the best! 

All three days were busy but I tried to grab as many business cards as I could from the following people. Please check out their work:

Kendra Arnold – Sprout Everywhere

Lori Myers from Winding Brook Farm 

Barbie Chile- fashion model and cosplay

Bodycounters “they count the dead bodies in films so you don’t have to” 

Jennifer Valdes who is a producer, filmmaker, and director Carrie Rose-Model

Deblias Sisters Productions- a independent film company 

Jenn Nnifferfx -model and cosplayer

Penelope Proper who makes her own incredible costumes

Ms.Penelope had some down time with us at night and I was able to ask her a million questions about her outfits. The hand-made details are exquisite. Her Friday night costume consisted of a tribute to Paris. Lately I have been obsessed with wanting to visit Paris so I enjoyed her intricate detailed hat homage to the beautiful city complete with Eiffel Tower. She is such a beautiful, delightful, sweet woman and I can’t wait to see her next creation for the next con. 

Shelby and Mike were also there for Disturbed Cosplay and their Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein outfits were amazing. Shelby is so talented. She makes all of her outfits. You can see the dedication and skill in all of her creations. I also featured her in my Women of Horror Month shout outs in February. Everyone is familiar with Mike who hosts the cosplay contest. I also got to meet another wonderful couple with a mutual love of horror @hauntinglyfamiliar-.

During the chaos of Saturday, I spotted Annie Christ. I asked her if I could please take a picture with her because her hair, makeup, and outfit were stunning. She looked very familiar but I couldn’t place it until after we talked and got to know each other. She reads books to children at an event in Philly called Drag Queen Story Time. My cousin took her son to the event and said she had a great time. I am so lucky I got to meet such an incredible ground breaking individual. Annie, if you read this….let your light shine bright like the star you are! Check out her page and you can also book her at revitalistbooking@gmail.com

As Saturday was winding down, I asked Todd Staruch (Press, and also known as The Horror Nerd) to walk the convention floor with me to help me find a Jack and Sally print. He took me over to EVO Comics. I was able to find my print and I also bought a Negan print for my boss, and a Jaws print for my pet sitter. The most important people in my life have to get gifts from horror con.

As I was packing up Saturday night, Nelson Viela, who does incredible special effects makeup, ran up to say hi. At the last convention, I got to take home a ‘scar’ mold that I jokingly thought was a x-rated prop. For all of the gore freaks check out his work you will not be disappointed. It truly is an art form to do what he does. I just put on regular makeup and it’s a chore so I completely respect people who have the patience and skills to make our bloody dreams come true.

One of the highlights from behind the scenes was Wilma and I got to whiteness Horror Show Jack gift Father Evil with his own one of a kind Father Evil bear. If you get a chance stop by Horror Show Jacks table to get fanged or get a bear to have for your own. Also no convention would be complete without being blessed by a photo opp with Father Evil. 

There were so many celebrities just mingling with all of us throughout the weekend. 

Mick Garris stopped me as I was walking back to my table to tell me he liked my shoes. Shout out to Jeffrey Campbell shoes you never fail me! I also got to chit chat with Felissa Rose on  Friday  for a bit.


However, none of this compares to embarrassing myself TWICE in front of Richard Grieco. I was trying to carry all of the materials for our booth in one trip from the car. I had a bag with poles in it to hang our banner and with a parking lot full of cars and people and also Richard Grieco I managed to drop everything and cause a huge ruckus. All I can say is it’s not easy doing all that in a wig, latex dress, and heels.

He looked up from his cigarette and smiled as I awkwardly gathered up everything and rushed inside. To anyone i held up in the parking lot I’m sorry! Later on, Richard Grieco stopped to say hello as he was walking back to his table and although in my mind I had practiced a joke for him all day I completely messed it up but I did get him to laugh. Later that night he chatted with everyone at the bar before heading out to enjoy the beautiful night on the boardwalk. 


To the left of my table was a promotion team for wrestlers. I had so much fun making the wrestlers pick me up. I even made one of the promoters who was not a wrestler pick me up just for fun. The wrestling event they were promoting will also be held at Showboat in Atlantic City.

Meeting and greeting all of the wonderful people that took the time to stop by and take a photo and chat was the best part of going to this event. I got to see so many friends Bill, Ricky, Mike, Cindy, Joey, Wil, Dr. Carpentier, Chelsey, Alice, Tracy, Kelly, Felicity Rose and many more. I also got to make so many new friends. 

I loved seeing everyone’s costumes and also hearing about how much everyone loves horror. Of course, it is always exciting to meet celebrities but I really enjoy meeting all of the convention goers. Everyone has a unique story about how they got introduced to the horror genre. I’m noticing a lot more young women attending and I am so excited to see a younger generation and their fresh new ideas on costumes and makeup. 

I got to interact with a lot of kids this time at the booth and I have to say great job parents! 

The horror genre provides an environment where kids can face their fears in a safe way. Kids get to see other kids face the monsters in the movies and survive which is a powerful life lesson. Kids can also see that the hero’s victory in the movie is also their victory. Any negative emotions caused by the monsters are manageable in a safe environment because it’s “not real” it’s just a movie or story. Seeing all the kids bonding with their parents at this event made me so happy. With all of the negative things that are constantly shown on the nightly news it’s nice to see families all together enjoying themselves. The next generation of little ghouls and monsters are in training. I can’t wait to see what costumes the kids will be wearing at the next con in October. 

Conventions are non-stop excitement and a lot of work. Following my passion by creating art and writing for this site takes a lot of dedication. A lot of time, effort, and money goes into making a convention successful. Following through with the commitment of a convention is important to me. Even though my feet hurt from running around in my heels for endless hours in my heels, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. When you work hard for something you love, it’s not really work. 

I am so grateful that I got to experience those three days with such wonderful people. Thank you to the other vendors who hugged me and supported me all three days and especially on Sunday. When I step into that venue, I am part of a team and family who all share the same love of what’s strange and unusual. We all bond over being the weird ones. I say being normal is boring. So, to all my freaks and ghouls you can sit with me.

Until next time 



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