HugsnHisses Gear

Custom Tshirts

Mens up to 5x

Womens up to 48

★Design options available per sizing★

★Pricing varies per style and size★

Blood Bath

Jenny Bunny

Splish Slash

HugsnHisses Pillows

Wanna sleep with Jenny?

Here’s your chance!

HugsnHisses pillows are 14×14 inches and come in 3 designs!


  • Splish Slash

  • Jenny Bunny

  • Bloodbath

HugsnHisses Hats

Witch Balls

Witch Balls

Witch Balls are spheres of glass that are filled with herbs and salts to ward off negativity and harm. They can be hung in an East window for sunlight to shine through.

They come in the following options:

  • Love Blessing
  • Prosperity Blessing
  • Home Blessing
  • Happiness Love Blessing