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Witch Bitch – A Short Story by Jenny

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Witch Bitch - A Short Story by Jenny

Witch Bitch

He smirked and told me how he would take everything from me and there was nothing I could do.

I felt like I wasn’t even in my body. I stared in disbelief as he laughed with the cops. I was standing in my driveway in the driveway to my home that I had paid for all by myself for 13 years. Blood, sweat and tears to hold on to my little sanctuary. I was coming in and out of reality. I could hear the cops laughing. I could hear him mocking me.

My boyfriend who was in my life for 11 months who was suppose to love and take care of me was now trying to take my home from me.I didn’t care about the material things but inside that home was my pets.My pets that I love more than myself. My 13 year old dog that needs medication was inside that home. He had calculated every move.He had planned this.He had planned to take everything from me.He knew how to play the game.He was a professional scam artist and thief.I never even saw it coming.I always knew something was not right about him but I ignored my gut instinct.I ignored my powers.

From when I was a little girl I was conditioned to shut my mouth.I was told to never question a man.

I was told to obey men.I was told to be polite. Women were meant to be pretty little princesses and always be considerate of men.I was told to never have an opinion or question what a man says.I was told that I was suppose to grow up and find a husband and have kids.I was told a lot of things from a lot of adults.What they never counted on was I was protected from my great grandmoms prayers.I was never to abide by those rules.I was born free,I couldn’t be tamed,a free spirit with a wild heart.This lion could not be caged.The fire burned in my soul from the moment I was born.

My whole life flashed before my eyes as I stood there sweating from the anger that was fulfilling me.

The cops left and it was just me and him. With tears streaming down my face I asked him why is he doing this to me. He laughed and told me it was all my fault.He had the control and there was nothing I could do.

I looked at him and with every last bit of strength I told him everything he has done to me will go back on him three times three.He laughed. I said it again but louder.He laughed again and said shut up bitch.I said it again as loud as I could.You see I always had the power in me.The power of my ancestors were in me.I was always different.The magic was in me but I never used it.

He stomped up the stairs and into the bedroom. I heard the door slam. I sat down on the couch staring at my pets.

Flashback to three days prior. The words still filled my head.I was on the way to the shore and he was verbally attacking me over the phone. He didn’t know he was on speakerphone.He screamed that if I didn’t get back home right away he was going to leave my senior dog outside to die a slow death in the 100 degree heat.I will never forget those words for as long as I live.My girlfriend was in the car with me at the time and she immediately bursted out crying.She said she had never ever heard someone talk to me like that and that she was scared.

It was in that very moment that I knew I would never ever touch that man again. I vowed to take my animals and run far away.He would never get the chance to hurt me or them.Now here I was stuck in this house under his control.He had the upper hand.No one could help me.Not my friends and certainly not the cops.They were on his side.I was completely blindsided by the cops and him.It was perfectly orchestrated.He established his residency while I was at work and I was painted out to be the villain of this story.The young egotistical cop sternly informed me of all of this as I stood there shivering in my driveway and shaking my head in disbelief.

Wiping my tears on my pink hoodie that had a cat with Christmas lights pictured on it.

I went inside and sat on the couch and started to text my friends.I wanted to say goodbye to them one by one.I had made up my mind to take my own life.I wanted a chance to say goodbye to everyone. This was it.

I couldn’t talk because he would hear me.I had no way out of this.

My friends started to call and text frantically.

They couldn’t help me.

No one could help me.I started to realize I was going to lose everything to him.I failed my pets as a mother.They were going to be stuck with this psycho and the reality of that was too much to even comprehend.I walked into the basement and pulled out a belt from one of my clothes bins.I slid the belt around my neck and secured it.

This was it.I tied it to the railing and tried to hang myself but I heard him come stomping down the stairs.He was looking for me.I quickly untied myself and ran back up to the living room. He called the cops on me again saying I was a threat to myself.I screamed with all my might that he would never control me!The only thing he would ever control would be a dead body!He continued to call the cops on me several more times.Each time I had to outwit this psychological warfare. I was exhausted.My head was pounding.

I started to take nighttime headache medicine and before I knew it I took the whole bottle.

I scribbled “ help me” on my arm in eyeliner and sent a picture of my arm to my friend then passed out.

That was the last thing I remembered.

My spirit had left my body.I was looking down at my body.I could see all of the animals surrounding me.

I always imagined that when I died I would be guided up to the clouds in a beautiful bright light.I would dance amongst the glitter clouds in heaven with all my pets that had passed on.It would be a eternity of rainbows, kittens and puppies.

Complete heavenly bliss.

However,that is not what happened.

I started to see a light and I wanted to move towards it.I could hear my Nanny calling my name.I swear I could see my pets in the distance.I was overcome with love and happiness and then in a split second it was gone.

I was opening my eyes and realized I was on my bathroom floor.I had a pain in my chest.I was angry!I was sad!Why was I back here!!!No this couldn’t be happening!I don’t want to be here!

Let me go I don’t want to be here I screamed but no one could hear me.I was all alone. Nothing was the same.I wasn’t the same.I had changed. Everything inside me had changed.Was I even alive?Was this all a dream?More like a nightmare. I got up from the bathroom floor and realized he had left the house.I moved quickly to make sure he couldn’t come back.

I spent all day at the county police station making sure he would never set foot back into my home or near my pets.

I went back to the house and made sure all of his stuff was gone.

I was exhausted.

I had been awake for almost two days and I hadn’t eaten.I just wanted to eat and go to sleep in peace.I walked up to the bathroom and stripped off my clothes. I started the bath water and began to brush my hair.I climbed into the warm bath water and slid down into the tub letting the water wash over my head.I held my breath and just let the water cleanse me. Just then I felt a hand snatch me by my hair and pull me up from under the water.I gasped for air. The hand gripped my hair and yanked my head back.There we were staring eye to eye.He was back!I tried to scream but nothing came out.My heart was pounding.I looked into his eyes but there was nothing there.They were completely black.He calmly said,”this is it bitch,you will never get rid of me!”

and with one hard movement he gripped my hair tighter and pushed me back under the water.

Everything went black.

A soft voice whispered in my ear, “Rise up Geniveve” “cut those cords that no longer serve you” “I will enlighten what’s dark in you, I will strengthen what’s weak in you,I will heal what’s sick in you and I will revive whatever peace and love has died in you” you see the power of the ancestors will always rise above.I rose up out of that water.He looked at me with complete horror and shock.I gripped his neck.I looked him in the eye and said I take back all of my power from you.He fell back onto the floor. I climbed out of the tub.I knelt down over him.He couldn’t move. As I looked at him a smirk fell across my face.You see the moral of this story is don’t ever fuck with a witch because we are the granddaughters of the witches you didn’t burn.

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